Looking for Naturally Better Lawn Care in Northern Virginia?
NuLeaf provides lawn care services for residential, commercial properties throughout the Northern Virginia area. NuLeaf has the experience, the trained and knowledgeable licensed applicators, and the equipment to handle all your business needs. Unique to many other lawn care companies, we have an in-house nutrient manager and are participants of the Virginia Green and Clean Initiative.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Services
Our lawn care services are safe for your family, your pets and our environment. We can create a 100% Customizable lawn care program based on your property-specific needs ensuring your lawn looks great through sustainable practices. We know every lawn is different. We base all of your lawn care programs on specific soil sample results. NuLeaf’s people, experience, high-quality products, integrated pest management techniques, and a firm commitment to the environment separates us from the national competition.

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NuLeaf’s Nu-Hybrid Lawn Care Program
Investing in a lawn care program with consistent fertilization and weed control gives your lawn the best chance to survive. Our Nu-Hybrid program uses a low-rate granular crabgrass control and spot treatments of weeds where appropriate to reduce pesticide usage. Combining traditional techniques with organic based products, it gives you a healthy, vibrant lawn while maintaining the safety of your family, pets and loved ones.

NuLeaf’s Plant Health Care
Your landscape consists of more than just your lawn. You also have valuable trees and plants. Our plant health care program will continue to build the strength of your plants and trees through applications of a bio-rich liquid or granular products. It includes treatment for both insect and disease management, fertilization, fungicide, and a miticide application for mites.

Mosquito Control for Your Northern Virginia Lawn
Why live with these annoying blood-suckers if you don’t have to? NuLeaf’s Mosquito Control Program will help free your backyard from the annoying bite and itch of these nasty insects. NuLeaf offers two different options for fighting mosquitoes, and you can protect your loved ones, pets, and outdoor events. Our mosquito option one is 100 percent organic, uses only ingredients that meet the strict United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards, and is very effective when applied every two weeks to your landscape.
NuLeaf’s mosquito control option two is a little more cost-effective but uses only a synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and controls mosquitos and ticks for up to three weeks.
Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can help you to determine which program is best for you.