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Commercial Service

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NuLeaf has established itself as the premier provider of turf and plant health care in the greater Northern Virginia area. Our leadership team has over 45 years of experience within the green industry in the region. We partner with landscapers providing services for residential, commercial properties, and sports turf fields. We realize that it is often not economical for landscape companies to perform these services in-house. Because turf & plant care is a seasonal and a volume-driven business, it is more practical to out-source to a premier company that specializes in this work.

NuLeaf has the experience, the trained and knowledgeable licensed applicators and the equipment to handle your commercial needs. All of this allows you to focus on what truly matters, running your company. Unique to many other lawn care companies, we have an in-house nutrient manager and are participants of the Virginia Green and Clean Initiative.

NuLeaf Provides the Following Commercial Services

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  • Nutrient Management
  • Sports Turf Management
  • Custom Turf and Plant Programs
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Fertilization
  • Organic Options
  • Custom Blend Fertilizers
  • Weed Control
  • Fungicide
  • Insect Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Soil Analysis

Why Use NuLeaf Commercial Lawn Care?

We know every property is different. We base your program on specific soil sample results and customize a plan for your unique commercial business. NuLeaf’s dedicated staff, experience, training, use of high-quality products, and integrated pest management procedures make us stand out above the rest.

NuLeaf Has its Own In-House Nutrient Manager

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NuLeaf houses its very own in-house trained and certified nutrient manager knowledgeable on soil testing, and the proper balance of soil nutrients. When applied appropriately, added nutrients help to achieve optimum turf growth. Adding too little is not only economically unsound, it may also harm the environment and not adhere to state standards. NuLeaf has you covered. Our in-house nutrient manager will account for, record, plan, and distribute the appropriate quantity of nutrients needed on your commercial property or for your customers.

We Participate in the Virginia Green & Clean Initiative

NuLeaf is a participant in Virginia’s Green and Clean Initiative. The Green and Clean Initiative is an effort to help meet water quality standards set forth by the Federal Clean Water Act as well as the state. Accumulation of nutrients in the groundwater can pose public health risks, algal blooms, and deplete oxygen, resulting in a body of water that is incapable of supporting fish and other aquatic organisms. Proper management of fertilizers and lawn chemicals can help prevent excess nutrients from leaching into the ground and surface water.

Benefits of Partnering With NuLeaf Lawn Care

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We can help grow and brand your business by developing and delivering superior turf, and plant programs, custom to your clients’ needs, all approved through Virginia’s Green and Clean Initiative. Our number one goal is to help your company succeed. We do this by making your clients’ landscapes look good, and by providing exceptional sound turf and plant health care practices. Not only can we assist you with client relations, we also have agronomists and a horticulturist on staff. We are happy to provide these consultation services at no cost. By offering solutions as a professional independent party, it will allow you to sell additional services providing excellent value to the consumer. Partnering with NuLeaf Lawn Care can help build your unique selling proposition and value proposition.

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  • What Services Are You Interested In?

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