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No time like the present, right? Our reduced-risk products take care of your lawn as soon as possible so you can move on to bigger and better things. If you have any concerns, we'll come back and make it right, guaranteed!

Lawn Care in Northern Virginia

NuLeaf lawn care can provide you with trustworthy services to implement a one-stop-shop focus for any of your lawn maintenance needs. With this, we use a science-based approach to first nurture the soil, then the roots, then your yard as a whole. Throughout our team, we staff certified agronomists to make sure your lawn is reaching its full potential. 

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Reduced-Risk Products

Trust our lawn care products that include organic options to assist not only your yard, but the environment as well!

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer unlimited free service calls and will re-treat your lawn if needed, no questions asked. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are provided with the opportunity to regain their important time.

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Savings Await You!

Everybody loves a good deal—and we’ve got plenty! See how you can save some cash while getting the services your lawn needs.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction With Every Service

We know how important it is for you to trust our work and be satisfied with our services, so we aim to honor that trust with quality lawn care. If you are dissatisfied with any treatment we provide, our technicians will keep working until you are pleased as we offer re-treatments at no additional cost. 

5 Star Review

Our lawn isn't the easiest to manage and they've been doing a great job. Glad to be using NuLeaf.

Rob Henneberg
5 Star Review

I’m excited to start my service with NuLeaf. My neighbor is having great results and the idea of treating the lawn with natural products is just better because... why not.

J Sco
5 Star Review

We had built and lived in our home in Great Falls, Va., for 44 years. Our lawn has never looked as good as it has been since Nuleaf has been doing our lawn, which has been about 4-6 years. Service outstanding, personnel outstanding an outstanding recommendations regarding what to do to as a customer that I should do to keep my lawn looking good. James Shannon and his staff have been outstanding all of the years.

David Wilson, Sr.

Areas We Service in Northern Virginia

We’re proud to serve NOVA and our fellow Virginians by providing holistically healthy lawns and customer-centered service. We know we’re being successful when our customers are happy, our environment is healthy, and our communities thrive.

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