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NuLeaf offers naturally better lawn care services for residential and commercial customers throughout northern Virginia. Using science to guide us, we are continually investing in new technologies and working toward providing the best, most environmentally friendly products and techniques. Our mission is simple, to enhance our customer’s outdoor environment while providing a safe, vibrant, green lawn. Isn’t it time you received naturally better lawn care?

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Our lawn care services are safe for your family, your pets, and our environment. NuLeaf creates 100 percent customizable lawn care programs based on your property’s specific needs. Starting with a soil analysis tested at a professional laboratory, our certified nutrient management planner works with our technicians to develop and deliver the perfect fertilization blend for your lawn. We promise to provide exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. Our seven-step Nu-Hybrid program blends traditional techniques with organic-based products. This provides a great way to transition from lawn care currently being treated with synthetics to more of an organic approach. To reduce the amount of pesticides used, the program uses low rate granular crabgrass control and spot treatment of weeds.

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Mosquitos wreaking havoc on your outdoor plans? Call NuLeaf. We offer two different programs to combat and destroy annoying and disruptive mosquitos. Our 100 percent organic mosquito control service uses only ingredients such as rosemary oil and cedar oil but packs a punch when it comes to mosquitoes

NuLeafs’s second program, a naturally derived Mosquito Control Service, uses a synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower. Both are safe for your family, pets, and loved ones. Choose the program that is best for you, or purchase a one-time application to protect your landscape for that event or special occasion.

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For all your commercial needs, NuLeaf has you covered! Your landscape is the first impression many customers and clients have of your business. NuLeaf’s trained and knowledgeable technicians use only the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment. With our own in-house nutrient manager, we rise above our competition by using science to determine the appropriate blend and timing of nutrients to use for your landscape.

As residents of the D.C. area ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping our water safe and are fully committed to the protection of our watersheds. We are participants of the Virginia Green and Clean Initiative and follow all integrated pest management protocols.

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NuLeaf cares about your entire landscape, including the well-being of your beloved trees, plants, and shrubs. Starting with the roots, we build the overall health of your landscape, helping it to fight off common diseases and pests. NuLeaf’s Plant Health Care Program includes fertilization, insect pest management, and disease management. We want your prized trees and plants to succeed, and we will do everything we can to ensure a long and prosperous plant life.

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