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5 Star Review

We had built and lived in our home in Great Falls, Va., for 44 years. Our lawn has never looked as good as it has been since Nuleaf has been doing our lawn, which has been about 4-6 years. Service outstanding, personnel outstanding an outstanding recommendations regarding what to do to as a customer that I should do to keep my lawn looking good. James Shannon and his staff have been outstanding all of the years.

David Wilson, Sr.
5 Star Review

We have used NuLeaf for the last several years for disease control in our lawn. We contract once in the spring. Then they advise us the day before they come out, the efficiently and effectively spray our lawn to control humidity produced diseases and put up signs showing that work has been done. This is especially helpful because we have children next door and do not want them exposed to the chemicals.

Linda N
5 Star Review

Despite a great start this spring, my green lawn was going brown in patches. Nuleaf technician Zach explained that my shady lawn has a fungus disease and offered 4 fungicide treatments which I accepted. He gave very explicit watering instructions which I am following: once a week watering of one inch rather than more frequent shallow watering. He also recommended watering before 10 am for maximum efficiency.

Lee Roussel