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5 Star Review

Jim thank you for your service. We have a tight to the ground, an area of crab grass, lower then the grass. It is off the left side front about 6 feet from the large holly tree on the right side of our large front lawn

Mary Snow
Main Branch
5 Star Review

I'm starting my 3rd season and am happy with NuLeaf. This no-pressure, accommodating company offers many services (including organic options for weed control) and respects the customer's decision on what they do and do not want to have done. It is easy to get through on the phone to speak to a customer representative, and everyone with whom I have had contact has been friendly and helpful.

Joy B
Main Branch
5 Star Review

I have used Nuleaf both here and in Arlington. They have 3 levels of program, from All Natural on up. They are detailed and let us know in advance when they're coming. The grass looks good!

Elizabeth box Needham
Main Branch