Here’s What Commercial Landscaping Services Do For Your Business

Commercial landscaping is more than just mowing the grass and trimming rogue branches on shrubs. For many years, NuLeaf Lawn Care has provided commercial lawn care services to thousands of businesses across northern Virginia. From soil analysis to weed control, there are many things we can do to help your business’s landscaping reach perfection. commercial lawn mower

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Customized Turf And Plant Programs

No two lawns are alike. Every plot of land has its own needs and concerns. That’s why NuLeaf offers a customized approach to tending your turfgrass and flower beds. We’ll work with you to determine what the best strategy is for your situation. We don’t believe in shoehorning yards into a regimen that may not be the best fit.

Organic Options

One of the things we pride ourselves on is offering organic lawn care choices to our customers. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with the usage of traditional chemicals. We’re able to provide you with more environmentally-friendly alternatives. And part of that involves integrated pest management (IPM).

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is a gentler, more science-based approach to lawn care. It takes a holistic outlook on reducing insect populations when those populations are damaging our plants. At the same time, it reduces the impact on other animals in the local environment. It does this by combining biological, cultural, and physical tools to identify and manage the risk of pest infestations. This could look like using a natural predator to combat a bug problem, planting flowers that produce an odor that repels bugs or setting up traps for certain bugs. IPM can involve the usage of pesticides but encourages the least amount used as possible.


There are many conditions and problems that result in bare or thinning patches in your lawn. When your property doesn’t look its best, it could make customers reconsider working with you. To make a great first impression, you want your lawn to look sharp. We can help repair and restore your lawn with an overseeding application. This process is more affordable than traditional sod and doesn’t require the old lawn to be torn up completely. It can easily be applied to your existing turfgrass. Once established, the new seeds will fill in thinning or bare patches.

Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds are the epitome of “give an inch, they’ll take a mile.” They will take even the smallest amount of direct sunlight and run with it. Before you know it, your turfgrass and flower beds are overwhelmed with ugly weeds. Our commercial lawn care program targets weeds both before and after they germinate. Our pre-emergent products target weeds that haven’t yet sprouted from the soil. Our post-emergent products are used to spot treat weeds that slipped through the pre-emergent defenses. In addition, the post-emergent treatments are “selective,” meaning they will selectively target only broadleaf weeds. In other words, we can spray these weeds without fear of harming the surrounding turfgrass.


Grass needs moisture to grow, but unfortunately, many lawn diseases like molds, mildews, and fungi thrive in damp environments. That’s where our fungicide treatment comes in. It works to swiftly knock out any microscopic pests lurking in your lawn without harming the turfgrass.


Lawn fertilization is more than just throwing down nutrients. Our team has the training and supplies to take a targeted approach without overdoing things. For example, all lawns need nitrogen – it’s what gives your grass that beautiful green color. If you apply too much, however, it can actually burn the grass. By carefully monitoring and testing your soil through detailed analysis, we can ensure to boost nutrients that are needed while limiting nutrients that are in abundance. Without a soil analysis, it’s just like blindly throwing darts hoping to hit a bullseye. At NuLeaf, we actually have an in-house nutrient manager, which allows us to get to know your lawn on a personal level. Rather than outsource this position, keeping our nutrient manager in-house ensures you get consistent results since your property will be analyzed by the same expert every time. They’ll record, plan, and distribute the appropriate quantity of nutrients needed on your commercial property or for your customers.

NuLeaf is also part of Virginia’s Green and Clean Initiative. Overusing fertilizers is not only bad for your lawn; it can create problems for the whole environment, resulting in algal blooms, depleted oxygen, and other problems. By properly managing fertilizers and lawn chemicals, we will prevent excess nutrients from reaching the ground and surface water. professional shrub care

Hire Commercial Lawn Care Near Arlington, VA

If you’re looking to give your commercial property’s landscaping a boost, look no further than NuLeaf Lawn Care. Our commercial lawn care services provide your property with everything it needs to thrive, from fertilization to pest management. If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 703-989-9405 or leave us a message online.

And don’t forget you can always browse our blog page for other topics relating to lawn care, pest control, and more!

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